Solace in the Sparkle of Christmas

I’ve always been a little sentimental, and this time of year has always held a bit of sparkle or magic, no matter what my life is like at the time.  Maybe it’s the way everything seems to glisten, or the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to have jingling music about my Savior playing everywhere 24/7; or perhaps it’s the feeling I get when I lay under the tree and stare up through all of the little twinkling lights.  Whatever it is, every year I am filled with renewed wonder.  Just a certain Christmas song, a special ornament, or the bleary glow of lights seeping through squinted eyes can bring a flood of memories.  And with those memories, I am instantly returned to a time in my life that was a whole lot less complicated, where I took things at face value and lived life as it came.

Just like the moments before sunset where the earth holds its breath and the skies whisper soothing words to my soul, Christmastime is a season where time stands still and all is well, even if only for the time. There is peace in the familiar and rest in the constant.  There is also something about knowing that you are not alone in such blissful moments. That your joy transcends the moment, your location, and your life. That somewhere, at the same time, someone else is experiencing the same pleasures; someone else is listening to ‘What Child is This’ by their Christmas tree or basking in the watercolor sky at dusk.

I never want to take these moments or seasons for granted. God created us to seek refuge in Him and seek rest in our hectic lives, and I believe He offers us little respites like sunsets and glittering Christmas lights to slow the whirling in our hearts and refocus our scattered minds onto the familiar and the beautiful.

This season, no matter what pain you face, stress you are under, or anxiety you battle, enjoy the solace of the small things and seek shelter in God.