I’m Still Alive…

Whoops! It’s been far too long since I’ve posted… you know it’s bad when people start asking if I’ve abandoned my blog…

See, I’ve had this problem… I somehow got in my head that the only time I should post on here is when something semi-noteworthy or significant occurred in my life.  And then when something exciting has happened, I’ve been too busy experiencing it or too forgetful to actually post.

Crazy thing is, that whole philosophy goes against why I started this blog in the first place.  I staked out my tiny piece of the world wide web so that I could share my random ramblings and many musings with whoever cared to listen, not just to document significant happenings!

Anyway, my goal is to post much more often now.  Especially because I would like to use this blog as an outlet for sharing anything that God has been teaching me, verses that I love, or His fingerprints all over my life.  Rather than selfishly keeping these blessings to myself, I want to share them with ya’ll, no matter how ‘small’ they are, in hopes that it might make someone’s day better!

Now, the trick to to remember that I plan to do this, find the time to do it, and actually carry it out!  If I don’t, feel free to… well… um… bug me until I do… *grimace*

Oh, and regarding my life… it’s been crazy and busy as usual but still one big adventure that I’m tryin’ to live to the fullest by the grace of God!  I hope all of ya’ll’s lives are going well and saturated with our loving God!


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