The 7 Day Juice F(e)ast Day 3: Pressing Onward…

Well, nothing groundbreaking happened in juicing land today, except for a new blend of butternut squash, apple, and cinnamon juice, which was pretty exciting… for juice.  Unfortunately, mama’s stomach didn’t agree, so it looks like I’ll be left to finish off the colossal squash on my own.  Seriously, that thing was HUGE.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a squash that big in my life; it was as big, if not bigger, than a newborn baby.  I’m pretty sure I burned off more cutting it up than I consumed while drinking its juice.  However, despite my long struggle with Mr. Squash, let it be known that I did indeed win in the end.

On a different note, my soul and mind are dying to go for a run, but I have a feeling that if I tried it, my body would not like (or let) me.  I did get to exercise today though, even if it was only a brisk walk in the lovely evening air.  And, on the up side, my rashes seem to be improving, so this f(e)ast appears to be accomplishing its goal thus far.

Oh, and happiest of all, Whole Foods seems to be reading my blog, or at least my mind.  Last night I expressed my intense craving for salmon, and today they sent an email saying it would be on sale tomorrow.  Needless to say, I’m super happy about this and will be stocking up on Wild Alaskan Salmon tomorrow on the way to the beach.  Not that I’ll get to have any yet, but it’s something to longingly look forward to.  Yes, it’s the little things in life…


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